Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Would I Lie To You?

It's not enough to say Wisconsin picked up a bunch of lifeguard, camp counselor and ice cream vendor jobs for the summer and call it a win.

Everyone knows they will evaporate in the fall, but what the heck - if you got it, flaunt it.

Scott Walker could not be content with it, he had to inflate and aggrandize his fake success to make himself look like the future GOP presidential primary loser he aims to be. In a release at the end of July:
"Gov. Walker has balanced a $3.6 billion deficit, cut income taxes and Wisconsin has seen its best two-year job growth in a decade,"
Yeah, that's a big "False" from Politifact this week. They also set the record straight that job numbers started coming back at the tail end of Jim Doyle's term only to fucking tank once Walker stepped into office.

This isn't the first time Walker has tossed out this totally untrue claim, and it won't be the last - but at least someone has called them out on flat out lying.