Monday, September 16, 2013

Can You Spot The Mass Murderer At Your Local Farmers Market?

Pictured left to right: Steven Kazmierczak, Ross Bauman, Frank Hannan-Rock
The Siren is posting this morning, just as the tragic mass shooting is taking place at the Washington Navy Yard.

At least one gunman has shot multiple people and reports say that 6 people are dead.  The suspect is carrying multiple guns, one of those guns has been described as an AR-15.

Coincidentally, the news report tabs we left open to look at this morning was the story about the two guys open carrying assault rifles at the Appleton Farmers Market on September 7th. Their guns were described as AR-15's.

Vendors and customers were alarmed and frightened by the men and their guns and three different people called 911. When the police arrived, they detained and cuffed the men and checked their...whatever the fuck they check...who knows, really? And let them go on about their business of shopping for corn with their assault rifles over their shoulders.

For some reason, the patrons of the Appleton Farmers Market did not feel safer with law abiding citizens carrying assault rifles at their community event.


Because there is no reason to carry an assault rifle at a farmers market and you can't tell if the guy with the gun is a good guy or a bad guy until you are laying on the ground bleeding to death.

Naturally, Nik Clark, from Wisconsin Carry, Inc. took a moment from his unabated steroid consumption to weigh in on the incident.
"I believe the police were acting outside of their legal authority when they pointed guns at the individuals and involuntarily detained them."
Thus confirming an irrefutable link between steroid use and brain damage.

So, how are we to know if a guy with an AR-15 is planning to buy some tasty snap peas or mowing down the crowd and fulfill an insane blood-lust his gerbil told him to commit?

It made the Siren wonder, can you spot the mass shooter at your farmers market?

We put together a mugshot array for our gentle kittens of three men who have appeared in public with guns. One of them killed 5 people and injured 21 before committing suicide. Can you pick him out?

Which of the 3 men above would cause you to question their "legal authority" to carry an assault rifle at your community event? Go ahead, guess.

The man pictured in the center is Ross Bauman, one of two men detained in Appleton at the farmers market. The reason we have a mugshot of him is because he has a lengthy rap sheet of offenses that indicate real sociopathic tendencies and two disorderly conduct charges.

Ross Bauman is also completely within his legal right to carry an AR-15 to the farmers market. Whether he should, unfortunately, is not a question for the police to ponder.

The man pictured on the right is Frank Hannan-Rock. He's the dude who likes to sit on his front porch in Racine - near an elementary school - stroking his gun. Nik Clark and Wisconsin Carry, Inc. defended Frank in court after he was arrested for opening carrying a gun in a school safety zone. Not only did Frank win - the City of Racine paid him a $10,000 settlement in federal court.

Aren't you feeling safer?

The mass murderer was in fact, the man on the left - Steven Kazmierczak - who killed 5 people at Northern Illinois University and injured 21 people in 2008. Judging by how he looks - which is all the folks in Appleton had to assess their encounter with men carrying assault rifles - he looks the least concerning to us.

Bauman and Hannan-Rock are test cases for Wisconsin Carry, Inc to push the boundaries of gun ownership.

Whether or not people want to shop for produce with men carrying an AR-15 like a handbag is not their concern. What happens when people stop calling the police about men with guns? Well, when it comes down to that - and it will - the NRA has some nice firearms to sell you too. Good luck.