Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Authoritarian Government Control Is Real! RWNJ's Yawn.

Well, don't we look silly for mocking the teabillies for years now over their FEMA camps and nanny state paranoia? That shit is real.

Katie bar the door - the government IS coming for you and they will hold you without due process for as long as they want - and there's not a thing you can do about it.

We're not talking about Guantanamo or undocumented detention centers. F' them. We're talking about white, pregnant ladies from West Bend, Wisconsin.

It's true! But how could this happen in a state like Wisconsin, protected by our patron saint of personal freedom, Scott Walker?

Why haven't our well-armed militias taken to the streets? Who better to protect from statist, crypo-facist, government jack-booted thugs than pregnant ladies from the suburbs?

Where the fuck are the Oathkeepers?!

(For the record, they are glued to Fox and the Blaze, wringing their hands over unanswered questions about Benghazi - with no time to worry about some unmarried pregnant woman in Wisconsin who probably voted for Barack Obama and practices witchcraft - or worse - secular humanism.)

Alicia Beltran of Jackson, Wisconsin was 14 weeks pregnant when she went for a prenatal check-up. Alicia gave a full medical background history that included a previous addiction to pain killers. Alicia also told the medical professionals that she had beaten the addiction - which urine tests confirmed.

Alicia was told to take an anti-addiction drug, which she did not want or need. A few days later Alicia was arrested and taken into custody at her home and held in a treatment center against her will for 3 months. Alicia lost her job and is now suing the state.

You really must watch the whole story here:


So this law has been on the books for well over a decade - it's a fluke you might say - surely designed to prevent harm in the worst cases. You'd be half right. It was even called the "Cocaine Mom" law at the time.

Assembly Bill 463 was introduced by none other than Bonnie Ladwig who represented the 63rd district - the one Robin Vos now represents (and should be renamed assembly district "666.") Ladwig was charged and pleaded guilty in the infamous caucus scandal in 2002. After her fall from disgrace, she served as Vos' treasurer until people noticed and Vos replaced her with his future ex-wife - he just has a miserable record with women, doesn't he?

At the time of it's introduction, critics of the bill said it was poorly written, was most assuredly unconstitutional because of it's failings in both due process and medical confidentiality and would probably result in more women avoiding prenatal treatment instead. Ya think?

The bill was hailed by Wisconsin pro-life groups like the infamous Wisconsin Right to Life organization.

So what's one poorly written law compared to the freedom of the unborn?

Well, the National Advocates for Pregnant Women have noticed an interesting by-product in states that enacted fetal child abuse laws - the cases of pregnant mothers charged have been rising in relation to or at the effect of "personhood" type sentiments in those states.

Beltran's unborn child received a lawyer, but she was told by the judge she was not entitled to one.

Just this summer a pregnant Mississippi woman was charged with manslaughter for the still-birth death of her child at 33 weeks which allows prosecution against women who engage in "risky" behavior. That's what is says - risky. That essentially could mean freebasing cocaine or wearing shoes lighter than your hemline - depending on a prosecutors definition.

The case was tossed out of court as it should be, but if you are of childbearing age and this doesn't freak you the fuck out, you're not paying attention.

Beltran is suing the crap out of the state - and she's going to win. We can only imagine how many other women have been held without representation for similar charges who did not have the wherewithal to fight back since 1997.

Let us just remember that when folks like the Oathkeepers, the teabillies and FEMA camp truthers say they will resist any and all impingement on personal freedom - they are liars, cowards and full of shit.

If a Republican proposed it and the right to lifers support it - they are more than willing to look the other way no matter how egregious the over-reach.

The only freedom they care about is their own.