Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Just Crashed The Economy - I'm Going To Disney Land

There was no surprise when the Senate voted to open the government and avoid economic default, Ron Johnson would vote against it.

Johnson will get to preserve his record as a cynical hack who never lifted a finger to make governance actually work - and then he'll be sent back to his toilet seat kingdom by Russ Feingold in 2016. Johnson will get gigs speaking about how he did nothing as a senator at teabilly nostalgia festivals at low-rent resorts near the Dells.

When it was the House's turn to vote, things got more interesting.

Shortly after casting his no vote, Sean Duffy tweeted:
"I could not support a bill that does not address the fundamental drivers of our debt."
Um, but economic collapse is totally awesome? It is no wonder that even in such gerrymandered congressional district as Duffy's, polls show him losing next to a tomato can. Pretty, but dumb.

Then there was Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, the GOP economic guru with not even a summa cum laude in economics from the University of Miami of Ohio. Ryan was the guy who was gonna talk Ted Cruz and Mike Lee off the ledge and then took the whole shutdown/debt limit debacle hostage over birth control.

Ryan voted to keep the government shut and defaut on our economic responsibilities.

Wow, that's pretty stupid even for Miami of Ohio. What could he do? Afterall, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul voted against it in the senate - the guys Ryan considers his biggest competition for the GOP ticket in 2016.

Ryan had this to say:
"To pay our bills today—and to make sure we can pay our bills tomorrow—we must make a down payment on the debt," Ryan said in a statement. "Today’s legislation won’t help us reduce our fast-growing debt. In fact, it could extend the debt ceiling well into next year, further delaying any action. In my judgment, this isn’t a breakthrough. We’re just kicking the can down the road."
In other words: To pay our bills today - and to make sure we can pay our bills tomorrow, I am voting to not pay our bills.

Also included in the bill was the requirement to set up a budget conference between Dems and the GOP to reconcile the budget so we don't keep doing this continuing resolution bullshit every few months. Something Ryan bitched long and hard about until the senate passed a budget - funny he didn't like the idea so much when faced with doing his job.

Ryan ignored their request for a conference more than 20 times.
"I look forward to convening the first conference on a budget resolution since 2009," he added. "And though a budget resolution by itself can’t resolve our spending problem, I’m committed to making a bipartisan budget conference a success.”
Which why he voted no, right?! Awesome. This guy is one for the books.

Happily, when Ryan gets back from his vacation now that the debt crisis has been averted - with no help from him AND cost more than $24 BILLION dollars for their tirade - Ryan will get to look at Senator Bernie Sanders across the table in the budget conference committee. Sanders position was just announced this morning (along with our darling, Tammy Baldwin) - and he is no fan of Paul Ryan's starve granny budget.

Sometimes people do get what they deserve.