Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Son of Doe" Targeting Conservative Front Groups?

Why would anyone think this is political?
You gotta love conservative media, only they could describe the first "John Doe" investigation as a political witch-hunt by admitting it resulted in six convictions.

But they didn't get Walker! So it doesn't count.

The conservative parody political website, Wisconsin Reporter, came out with an interesting article on the newest John Doe investigation - we like to call "Son of Doe" and said this time around investigators are going after non-profit political "education" groups like Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth and the Republicans Governors Association.

It's full of cloak and dagger nonsense - but in a funny way - it's a hoot. But the underlying assertion got picked up more widely. Is "Son of Doe" going after conservative supplicants?

We surely hope so.

"Issue" based organizations have walk a very fine line - between what they see as wrong but not saying who they think did it - lest they be advocating for a particular politician during campaign season.

Americans for Prosperity didn't just cross the line with their pay-to-play United Sportsman scheme, they've been doing it for years. The "Stand with Walker" campaign being one of their most obvious.

AFP claims it was a coincidence - it had NOTHING to do with the recall.

They don't have to convince the Siren - it looks like they're going to have to convince a federal prosecutor. Hmmm, tougher audience.

We've already reported on their memos reminding staff to try and keep speakers from politicizing their events and we don't have subpoena powers. Imagine what a special investigator can find.

So another waste of time witch hunt is on? Tell THAT to the six people arrested last time.