Friday, January 24, 2014

Did Walker's Sex Offender Blunder Cost Him The GOP SOTU Rebuttal?

Only one of these two men has a criminal defense fund.
Photo credit: MP King, Wisconsin State Journal
Two days ago, the odds on favorite Republican to deliver the GOP rebuttal to the State of the Union address was Scott Walker.

Then came "Weldergate."

Sure, Scott Walker had no idea the guy he hailed as a working class hero was a forging drunk-driving, battering sex offender.

When your staff only checks the recall signer list - well, a few bad eggs can get through.

And, it's not like Scott Walker has made a habit of surrounding himself with people who have committed crimes or...OMG, the Siren can hardly type through the overwhelming schadenfreude right now. Breathe, breathe.

So, the SOTU rebuttal.

Well, Scott Walker's SOTS debacle kinda made national news. Face it, the actual photos look photoshopped. The story would only go on for days if he got picked to give the GOP rebuttal for the President's address and after Rubio's desperate water bottle reach last time, they can't afford to be mocked.

No, the odds on favorite blew it, big time. The GOP wound up picking a Congresswoman from the state of Washington. Good for her.

It's hard to imagine in a week with Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell leading the news, Scott Walker could have such a sucky week - but he did.