Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kleefisch Yanks Child Support Bill

Well, that was a brief and embarrassing kerfuffle.

The planet known as Joel Kleefisch announced this morning he would remove his hotly contested bill AB 540 and take it off the Assembly calendar.

Saying the bill was victim to "misinformation" he consulted with his colleagues and decided to abandon the effort.

By "misinformation" he means the discovery that the bill had been written by a campaign contributor specifically tailored to the contributor's specific disdain for paying child support. A campaign contributor who drives around in a chauffeured Rolls Royce.

Two things to know:

1. It was a bad bill. Anti-woman, anti-children. Allowing high-earners to opt out of paying their fair share in child support payments - which go mostly to women.

2. It was inspired by an evil guy. NOT the model for legislation no matter how many checks he's written you.

By either measure the bill should be dead. That both are true clearly displays what a moron Kleefisch is.

There's a runner-up in this Jackass contest. Rep. Tom Larson, Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Family Law and fellow Republican has this to say about his enthusiasm to vote in favor of the bill on merit:

“There’s some value in having some hardship with life," Larson said. "Even if I were a rich person, I probably would struggle a little bit to make sure my kids earned what they get. What’s the purpose of this money going to child support if it’s only going to create a child with maybe less values?"

Hardship?! How about the hardship one should expect to experience after failing at marriage and causing the destruction of your own child's home life. These fuckers are so selfish it's no wonder they think their children's lifestyles should suffer.

On the bright side, at least we know they have as much disdain for their own children as they do the poor and the sick.