Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mary Burke Rips Off President's Head, Craps Down His Neck And Flips The Bird To The DNC

Yeah, well she really didn't do that. But you might think so if you toured the blogoshere - on both the left and right side of the road.

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President Obama is here in Wisconsin today to highlight General Electric's gas engine plant in Waukesha in a closed door tour. In other words - it ain't a town hall campaign style stop. Governor Scott Walker will meet Air Force One at the airport and spend a few minutes talking to the president about the propane shortage etc. Official business.

Much has been made about a press release from Mary Burke's campaign saying she is committed to engagements on the west end of the state and will not be attending the visit.

Quick to assume she was even invited, Burke is either running away from a president who is polling lower than ever in Wisconsin or Burke is arrogantly unwilling to support the leader of her party.

Now, the GOP loves the running away angle, they even made an ad about it. Why would they do that?

Yes, Obama's favorability ratings are down - but this is a state he won by 6 points against a VP candidate from Wisconsin for Pete's sake. Perhaps the running away angle is a play for independents who swing both ways - Obama and Walker? They do exist.

Burke's cynical arrogance in skipping out criticism - found on the left - is a more of a puzzle. Largely because is is based on the assumption Burke was invited to attend but declined - a fact nowhere in evidence that we can find.

The administration has not said they invited Burke - some news outlets have asked the Burke camp directly but have not received a reply. (Note: They won't, because if you think not going to Waukesha has caused a shit-storm, just think of what the news that they preferred her not to come would do?)

For some, who resent her candidacy, this is further proof of her corporatism. Never mind that she is pro-choice, favors marriage equality, raising the minimum wage and pay equity, thinks Act 10 and school vouchers were a mistake - THIS is all the proof one needs to know that Burke is a corporate lackey disrespecting our Socialist-loving President.

Bitches, please.

Candidates for office do not appear at closed door Presidential visits and presumptive candidates not yet endorsed through the primary process certainly do not. We also doubt the executives at the Waukesha GE plant (in the sitting Governor's backyard) would want their visit politicized by the President bringing along a pet candidate.

Barack Obama didn't appear with Tammy Baldwin until days before the election in 2012 - and she was in Congress.

What is Burke's claim to the success of the GE plant anyway? Would that not be slightly incongruent to the picture her campaign is trying to paint?

And what of Scott Walker's visit with the President? Would he discuss the state's propane shortage with Burke perched on the arm of the President's chair like a pet bird? Hardly.

Can you imagine the press if Obama dragged Burke around in front of the Governor? It just doesn't work that way - no matter how much these two men may disagree.

Official visits are for officials and Burke isn't an official anything, yet. However, she did speak to the President by phone which no one is paying much attention to - because it isn't very helpful to the narrative that she is dissing Obama.

With months before the election, we imagine the President will do a fair amount of campaigning for Burke - after the primary in campaign style town halls. The DNC sees Wisconsin as a state in play in 2014 - that is if Wisconsin progressives don't fuck it up for them first.