Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walker Salutes A Sex Offender At SOTS, But Chris Sinicki Should Apologize?

Well, what can the Siren say other than Christine Sinicki nailed it. We mean she was bang on, she killed it. She was solid gold, man. Just minutes into Scott Walker's State of the State address Sinicki tweeted:

"OMG...this speech is so full of shit. Wish I could get up and walk out."

Yeah, in your face Scooter! Oh, the Mark Belling's clutched their pearls. Sinicki should apologize immediately. Hold your breath boys, she ain't gonna do it.

She said it. She meant it and she isn't taking it back.

So we can have a discussion about propriety and vulgarity - but seriously, we think that was her goal, don't you? The interwebs was all a bluster for a whole three hours. Until one of the lucky ducks who managed to find a job in Wisconsin under Walker's reign, was a little more interesting than the Gov. knew. Christopher Barber, a welder, was personally saluted by Walker during his speech complete with an awesome photo of Scotty giving Barber a standing ovation while he waves to the crowd in the Capitol. The photo of those happy guys went all around the state.

Turns out, Barber is a convicted felon and sexual offender. Whoo hoo! Let's hear it for Chris!

Yes, the Idiot-in-Chief of Wisconsin blunders it again. Checking Barber's criminal history took all of two minutes and yet no one in the Governor's office bothered to do it.

Remember that billboard of "Stand with Walker" overlooking the empty GM plant? Yeah, it's embarrassing like that.

OMG, this speech was so full of shit, indeed.