Monday, February 3, 2014

Let's Get Bill Maher To Flip Paul Ryan

HBO show host and comedian, Bill Maher, announced he is going to attempt to flip a congressional district.

Maher has offered up the hashtag "#flipadistrict" on twitter and asked his viewers to nominate a candidate ripe for some political meddling.

Lord knows Maher's release of old TV appearances with Christine "I'm not a witch" O'Donnell helped doom her tea party backed run for the Senate.

So, with herpes being more popular among the electorate than Congress, it could not only be a fun effort - but a successful one as well.

Maher has said he will come to the chosen district, perform some stand-up and generally bring attention to the miserable record and/or personality of the selected politician.

There are plenty of easy targets. However, Maher is no small change kinda guy - after all, he wrote a $1 million dollar check to Barack Obama's reelection campaign. The Siren thinks our own Paul Ryan is the perfect target for a plethora of good reasons both personal and political.

Why aim low, when you could knock out the wonder boy of the GOP?

In past years when Paul Ryan ran for Congress, it wasn't unusual for him to win by a nearly 30 point margin. (That's a margin that can't be overcome no matter how funny you are.) But things changed in 2012, not just because Ryan was the VP candidate, but because he won back his seat in Congress with less than 12 points - an all time low. If you figure in the gerrymandering done to his district just before that run, one could make the case that without that added help, wonder boy might have lost all around.

There plenty of good candidates Maher could spend his time and resources on: Darrell Issa, Louie Gohmert - but they both win with nearly 20 points. John Boehner, you say? He won with 99% of the vote last time because they don't even put up Democrats against him.

Why waste your time on some tea party freshman zealot no one knows?

Maher is an A-list celebrity - he needs to go after an A-list Republican. Ryan is the guy - he's got two serious opponents and given the right opportunity - they may have a chance.

Because Paul Ryan's trespasses range for sixteen years, there is plenty of ammunition to convince Maher to come to SE Wisconsin - so many in fact, individual tweets don't paint a full picture of how much Paul Ryan has failed the people of Wisconsin.

To address the litany of shame, the Siren has established a "tumblr." page called "Flip Paul Ryan" with votes, quotes, photos and videos of the evil Paul Ryan had done.

Our readers can play too!

If you tweet - use the hashtag #flipadistrict and say why you think Paul Ryan must go in 140 characters of less. For you Facebook fans, the hashtag works there too.

Don't forget to add links to source your criticism - plenty of politicians are dumbasses, but we have facts on our side! Visit and share the Flip Paul Ryan tumblr page - send us ideas and links to

Come on SE Wisconsin, let's flip Paul Ryan!