Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scott Walker's Swan Thong

Yes, the emails showed that Scott Walker knew about the secret router system. Yes, he knew the volume of his own personal campaign activities that were being done instead of carrying out the work of the people. Yes, the emails were vile and bitchy and portrayed a den of vampires feeding off each other as much as their opponents.

But we just can't get over the "thong model" email.

Chief of Staff, Tom Nardelli sends Walker an email that informs him of a new doctor hired at the County Mental Health Division - who, by all accounts is capable. One small hiccup - in her past she made some money as a thong model. Presumably while she was putting herself through medical school.

Imagine, someone who is willing to PAY you to let them photograph your fine ass in a thong and that's just your part-time job because you are leaning to become a medical doctor!

In the Scott Walker universe, that is called a "checkered past." She had to go "asap."

The college dropout, who humiliated himself by cheating in a student body president campaign. Who hired and promoted people who embezzled money from veterans and war widows and trolled for young boys in parks, who spent their days paid by the people of Wisconsin to carry out business on their behalf and instead used their time to help elect and fundraise for the Milwaukee County Executive who wanted to be Governor.

A guy who's staff tweeted racist comments, got DUI's and were former Hooter's girls.

Yes, this is the guy who judges a capable medical professional and deems her unfit and too controversial to represent the public's interest.

Let us also say in addition to the rest of the criminal activity Kelly Rindfleisch's emails have illuminated, this too is illegal. Hypocritical AND illegal. It will be known from this moment forward as Scott Walker's "Swan Thong."