Tuesday, March 11, 2014

26 Churches In Racine Organize & Fast For BadgerCare Expansion

How this isn't state-wide news, we do not know.

Twenty-six churches in Racine are getting together each Saturday during lent to fast and pray for BadgerCare expansion in Wisconsin.

That's gotta burn "preacher son's" britches, don't you think?

Called "Fast 4 Fairness" they are not only organizing fasts, but signing people up for health care and circulating a petition which they tell us is already in the hundreds of signatures - after just the first weekend.

They want Scott Walker to take the federal money offered to expand Wisconsin's Medicaid program which will kick nearly 80,000 people off on April 1st. If Scott Walker won't do it, they want the Racine County Board of Supervisors to ask for the money for the county instead. $96,000,000 worth.

The Siren loves feisty faith leaders who show pretend "churchy" types what real compassion looks like.

Here's the bottom line: Walker's bogus plan in Wisconsin covers fewer people and costs taxpayers more. His decision was strictly political - he wrote the hospitals in the state a $30,000,000 check to cover unpaid bills the folks who no longer have BadgerCare would cost them.

With the highest unemployment in the state, highest infant mortality of African-American babies in the state, rampant STDs and pollution at higher percentages than most other counties - it is no wonder so many churches got together to protest.

Nineteen county boards in Wisconsin have voted to say they want to expand BadgerCare - maybe Racine will be the 20th.

The next fast will be Saturday, March 15th at Atonement Lutheran Church. Beginning at 9am with a 10am interfaith service. Health care enrollment will be from 9am to 1pm. Bring your friends and join them won't you? Lets help them make statewide news.