Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bill Kramer As GOP Scapegoat?

Photo Credit: Republican Party of Waukesha County

As the Siren toils away at her computer, Assembly leadership in Madison is meeting to determine the fate of icky boobie toucher, Bill Kramer.

The outcome is already known. They will strip him of his Assembly Majority Leader position - for two very good reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with his douchey frat-boy behavior. First, Vos doesn't like him - and that is a crime in search of incriminating evidence.

When Kramer left town to party with ALEC cretins, using his elected position as an excuse to be a dick to nearby women, he gave Vos ammunition to ship him back to the minor leagues.

See, Vos didn't want Kramer for the Majority Leader position.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, Kramer will be demoted because the Wisconsin GOP has to do SOMETHING that looks like ethical oversight. After nearly four years of fucking and sucking and stuffing their pants full of dollar bills, they look like the extras from "The Wolf of Wall Street" even to their own supporters.

Women do not like Scott Walker. He does not poll well with them and white women did not like him in the recall election nearly as much as their husbands did. Walker went on to sign a few really fucked up pieces of legislation not favorable to women after that - pay equity repeal and forced ultrasounds - to name just two.

Walker isn't going to talk about the email dump - he can't without incriminating himself. He has essentially taken the 5th on it and that's not going over very well. He's staring down the gauntlet with Mary Burke and her money in November and Hillary in 2016 and he's no friend to women. Gulp.

Now comes Bill Kramer - Madison leadership and a total jizzwad. If Walker and company didn't toss him under the bus for trying to touch some boobies - they could lose the women's vote permanently. Don't get the Siren wrong, we are not defending Bill Kramer at all.

His behavior isn't new - it is however, convenient.

We don't think his buddies currently deciding his fate in Madison are all that outraged - worse antics have routinely been tolerated for years. They will take the opportunity to look grown up and concerned and then in a little while when things die down - they will quietly let him out of the dog house.

No doubt, even if he steps down from the Assembly (which we wouldn't bet on) they will make sure somebody hires him. Republicans take care of their own - even when they shouldn't.