Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blurred Lines: You Know You Want It

Walker trolls want voters to believe the use of a private email system in the Milwaukee County Exec.'s office is really no big deal.

Eeeeeeverybody does it. Right?

Well, no. They don't. In fact, it's illegal.

So imagine for a moment you are a newly hired kindergarten teacher. Dream job, everything you wanted.

One small problem, however: you also have a side business cutting grass. Damn, that teaching gig kinda cramps your grass cutting ability - you can't cut grass at night, dawg.

So in order to do both, you get the kids to start raking and edging for you instead of finger-painting and learning the alphabet. A few of the really enterprising kids begin scheduling new customers and getting other kids to do some fertilizing and weed killing too.

Now, you're cooking. Kindergarten teacher pay and a booming lawn care business to boot. You don't have to pay the kids, because they are supposed to be in school with you anyway. How awesome is that?

Awesome until their parents and the school principal find out - which is why you kept it secret in the first place.

You weren't supposed to be running a side-business out of your classroom, using students as your side-business staff.

That's basically what Scott Walker did - and did it enthusiastically, while trying to keep it a secret.

Instead of doing his job, he was running a lawn care business called "Scott Walker for Governor" and the people he was paid to supervise were helping him cut grass instead of doing their jobs - which was run Milwaukee County.

Nice grass, bad county.

How bad was he running the county while trying to be Governor? Poor people in Milwaukee sued him for neglecting their needs - which was his fucking job all along.