Monday, March 31, 2014

Sheldon Aldelson Says Scott Walker Is A Super "Goy"

Scott Walker turns out not to be Super Jew.
Get it? The Siren switched the word "guy" for the word "goy." It's a pun!

Oh well.

Scott Walker went to Vegas over the weekend for a command performance at the luxury hotel of billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, and the Republican Jewish Council.

Sheldon Adelson is interviewing Republican Presidential candidates to waste throw his money at and he has but one criteria: Israel.

Now, most people in Wisconsin are under the impression that Scott Walker is running for Governor and not President of the United States - but that's just a minor detail went there are literally tens of millions of dollars on the line.

After all, Adelson gave Walker $250,000 for his recall race.

So what kind of Hebrew bona fides did Walker display?

Well, as Governor, he lights a menorah in the mansion every Hanukkah and named his son Matthew. Yes, he said that - we couldn't even make up anything that stupid.

Walker touted his foreign policy experience by mentioning he is the commander of Wisconsin's National Guard.

Oy vey - he shoulda tossed in that he's an Eagle Scout too.