Friday, April 18, 2014

BREAKING: Vos Gets Teabagged - Doesn't Like Taste Of Balls

Guess what? Robin Vos isn't conservative enough for some Republicans and they're running a primary candidate against him.

Score one for the "Know-Nothings."

Libertarian wingamaroon, Bryn Biemeck, of Mount Pleasant announced yesterday she intends to run against Little Lord Pops-the-Corn from the right. The right.

Biemeck is married and works for Johnson Bank, is running mainly on the platform of repealing Common Core standards in Wisconsin public schools.

Naturally, Biemeck has no children, which makes her preeminently qualified to decide whether or not there should be consistent education standards from state to state which use federal monies. Biemeck thinks states should govern themselves...garbble blargh squawler blag.

Biemeck also believes that Wisconsin should do away with state income tax all together.

(Get this: Vos believes in lower taxes, Biemeck believes in NO taxes - check! Your move, Vossy.)

Biemeck is supportive of the fringy GOP movement to secede from the United States. While dumb and laughable, a bunch of conservatives are very excited about the idea. It's going to fun to watch Vossy carefully thread the needle of not pissing off the folks at the very right edge of the right wing movement.

He can't very well come out and say she's nuts. Why? Two words: Ted Cruz. Sometimes, the fringe actually gets lucky in electing one of their own.

Vos said he "was surprised to see a challenge from the right." Oh yeah, he is. He really is.

This just made our week. What will be interesting is to see if Biemeck calls Vos out on some of the issues that both sides agree on - the sleazy secrecy agreements, withholding documents on redistricting and our very favorite: installing a spiral staircase in his office to the one upstairs at the Capitol, so he doesn't have to go out in the public hallway.

If she is smart, she will. She could also just be a plant by the teabillies to move Vossy even farther to the right than he already is. Time will tell and watching it is going to be fun. Cheers ya'll.