Monday, April 28, 2014

If You Want To Impress Veterans, At Least Spell It Correctly

So, this is admittedly a nit-pick. But it just irks us that dumb people run for office and other dumb people take them seriously.

Which dumb person running for office? Well, the original oaf - Van Wanngaard. Remember him? He's the guy who told the paper he didn't get invited to a forum and then found the invite in the backseat of his car. The guy who told a story about his nephew and called him a "mongoloid." The guy who tried to make Act 10 "better" so hopefully he wouldn't get recalled - and then got recalled.

A deep thinker, Van is not.

On Van's campaign Facebook page he posted a photo of himself talking to some voters out in the Westeros whilst doing doors in neighborhoods that didn't remove him from office - and he met a nice couple who run an outreach program for veterans. Except - naturally - Van spells veterans wrong.

This is just a hint: if you want to impress veterans - spell it correctly, man!

Second hint: if a word in your post has a red squiggle line under it, that means it is not spelled correctly.

The Siren is no genius in the grammar department and many a morning we've got so much caffiene working, we're hallucinating new spelling structures - but we aren't running for State Senate either.

Get your act together Van - you make this too easy!