Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"No Compromise" The Lazy Campaign Promise Of The Gerrymandered Candidate

There is an interesting phenomenon going around in races where Republicans are being challenged by even more right-wing challengers - the "no compromise" declarative campaign promise.

It's the kind of promise one can really only find in districts where the winner is decidedly going to be Republican. Who else could possibly get away with saying, "Vote for me, I will never change my mind, listen to anyone else or objectively gather information once I go to Madison."

Take Republican candidate for State Senate, Jonathan Steitz. He's running a primary campaign against Van Wanggaard - the establishment GOP candidate in Racine county.

[Here's some weird insider coincidences in this race. Steitz's video on his website, (which automatically starts further down the page, scaring the crap out of you everytime you go to the homepage - hint!) was produced by Skies Fall Media. They are the guys who took over Racine's cable access TV station, did a sucky job, decided they didn't want to do it anymore - leaving Mayor, John Dickert, looking a bit flat footed on the whole fracas, since changing the cable access leadership was a priority of his and caused a shit storm around Racine.

Shoulda known better. They are associated with the Treasures bookstore guy who is a born-again skinhead felon, now making it big as Christian bookseller. Skies Fall, creates Christian rock music videos for bands you never heard of, leases space from the former skinhead felon and are all friends of Jonathan Steitz.

Also, Van Wanggaard's favorite fake Democrat, Tamra Varebrook, who ran against John Lehman in the recall has switched sides and is supporting Steitz instead of Wanggaard this time around. Steitz proudly posts pictures of the fake candidate on his Facebook page. That's gotta hurt Van's feelings a little.]

Anyway, Steitz's angle is painting Van as conservative-lite, a negotiator, who waffled on Act 10 and can't be trusted to tow the teabagger line.

Stietz tells voter right on his webpage: "Jonathan will not compromise."

The Siren can't tell - is this a promise or a threat?

Only a candidate running in one of the most gerrymandered conservative districts can actually get away with saying he'll listen to no one and call that a campaign platform.

We call that democracy-lite.

Polls show an increasing desire in Wisconsin for a Democratically controlled legislature. One that provides balance over the GOP jihad Republican leaders have forced on the state since 2010. Those polls include Republicans who don't like the "winner take all" attitude in Madison.

Is there an opportunity in the 21st Senate District for Democrat, Randy Bryce, to make a case against Wanggaard - who proved to be a rubber-stamp for Scott Walker, booted out of office by his own home town and Steitz - who openly says he is only interested in representing the most extreme wing of his party?

As Republican as this district was drawn, we're not sure that "compromise" is that nasty word they think it is.