Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Siren Makes Bill Maher

The lure of the Siren is undeniable boys, once called, no man can resist.

So it goes for Bill Maher, star of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, the wildly popular political show that airs on Friday nights.

Maher has been promoting a segment called "Flip a District" which is set up like tournament brackets of politicians nominated by their constituents. The "winner" will be subjected to Maher's considerable media megaphone for flipping in November's election.

The Siren believes there is no one person serving in Congress today that needs to retire more than Paul Ryan. Apparently, Maher agrees too.

Early last spring, we set up a Tumblr page dedicated to the horrible votes, ridiculous policies and the nearly endless photoshop opportunities that Paul Ryan provides and called it "Flip Paul Ryan."

Promoted endlessly by us and so many readers across the country - Bill Maher got the message and actually referred to it as "kickass" on Friday's show.

No praise could be more exciting to hear. Except perhaps, the notion that Paul Ryan woke this morning to discover that he had been named as a target in Maher's scheme, in no small part because of our Tumblr page.

So keep it up kittens. Use your Facebook and Twitter messages to highlight the many reasons Paul Ryan needs to go by using the hashtag: #FlipaDistrict.

As Maher said himself - Ryan "is the biggest fish they are trying to land." Let's help Maher make that catch!

Here's the video: