Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alert! Scott Walker Failed Tumblr Page

The May, 2014 Marquette Law School poll showed that 13% of people surveyed thought Wisconsin was creating jobs faster than other states. While that's not a huge number of people - it is still surprising because Wisconsin is sucking so hard in creating jobs compared to other states, it's amazing anyone at all would believe the opposite.

It occurs to the Siren if 13% of people can be so badly misinformed about Scott Walker's job creation record, what other things do they not know about him? Quite a bit, we imagine.

So, in the vein of our Bill Maher approved "Flip Paul Ryan" Tumblr page, we have created "The Truth About Scott Walker" which can be found at

It will be an ongoing project through November to list the shady failings of Scott Walker that the Koch brothers are desperately trying to spin into something positive with million dollar commercials on TV and radio.

Please share it, steal it and post it wherever you can and if you have a submission idea, email us at