Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scott Walker Shows Up For Groundbreaking, Won't Stop Digging

Scott Walker was in Mt. Pleasant for a groundbreaking ceremony of a new speculative industrial park he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Van Wanggaard was there too, because he is the only civilian in the state of Wisconsin who knows what the Governor's schedule is.

(Note to Steitz Campaign: Scott Walker's office is letting Van know when they are going to be in town so he can appear and look like the senator he is not - we would complain loudly, since that looks like a some pretty "in your face" endorsement behavior.)

Robin Vos was there too, even though he had nothing to do with the industrial park either.

Mt. Pleasant Village board president, Mark Gleason, stood back and smiled in the background while Walker took pictures because Gleason owes the village $26,000 in unpaid property taxes and Walker needs to look like he's creating something. Gleason took one for the team - and they never mentioned his tax bill.

In other regional development news...

Machinery Row on Racine's mighty Root River was awarded a giant sized tax credit to redevelop the downtown area - an amazing revitalization project. Machinery Row will get $9 million in historic tax credits. Funny, Walker didn't show up for that - since it is a state funded project.

Later in the day, the Walker administration announced it was suspending its historic tax credit program.

Doh! Keep digging Scotty, keep digging.