Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Best Ju$tice Money Can Buy

SC Johnson heir and billionaire, Curt Johnson sexually molested his stepdaughter over the course of  several years.

It's not an allegation, Johnson plead guilty and admitted it.

For it, he will serve 4 months in prison and pay a fine of $6,000.

Multiple molester of several young children for whom he was babysitting, Alexander Richter, of Racine, was sentenced to 145 years in prison just a few months ago.

(Richter, not only a disgusting monster, videotaped his acts, providing indisputable evidence and additional charges of child pornography.)

4 months. 145 years.

Does the disparity in sentences quantify the severity of the crimes? Hardly. Both men are equally disgusting.

But one of the men had a really good attorney in addition to lots and lots of money.

Johnson's case hinged on whether or not his wife and stepdaughter would testify against him - they refused - after being relocated to a new home in a new state where Johnson does not reside. (Can you imagine the kind of money that could be promised by someone as wealthy as Johnson to just stay quiet?)

Johnson's attorneys were granted conference calls with Judge Gasiorkiewicz each month to keep up to date - because guys this important don't just jet into Racine for nothing. Johnson was also allowed to leave the state for business, because BILLIONAIRE.

In a tricky maneuver, Johnson's attorneys requested the release the teen's medical records to the court - or be banned from testifying - which they took all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court TWICE and won. Leaving the District Attorney with not much to go on.

You have to have some serious cash to get that kind of action while your case is still in process.

Of course, the $6000 fine is a joke to a guy who literally has billions. A lot of people are super miffed that Johnson only got 4 months in prison - we're actually surprised Johnson wound up with any jail time at all.

Considering that regular molesters go away for decades and are sex offenders for life - Johnson's misdemeanor and 16 weeks in prison was probably worth every penny he paid.

Curt Johnson will also receive Huber privileges during his time in jail - allowing him to skip down the block to the Johnson building should he like to get out an stretch his legs a bit.

Justice may be blind, but she sure can smell cold, hard cash.