Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Which Headache Will Do Scotty In? Let's Play "Whack A Walker"

Scott Walker sent out a tweet this morning that said:

“I support Governor Doyle’s positions entirely.” - Mary Burke Electing Mary Burke = 3rd term for Jim Doyle. 

Dude, if that is the choice, then count us in and seriously, is that all you got?

The only people right now talking up Scott Walker on the internet are people paid to talk up Scott Walker on the internet - everyone else is stone cold silent. Quiet as crypt, quiet. That is not a good sign for Scott Walker.

The trolls are chattering about the IRS and Hillary and of course the Wanggaard vs. Steitz folks are embarrassing themselves exchanging insults. But nary a word about Walker - which means conservatives are ducking until there is something to crow about and the ghost of Jim Doyle isn't it.

Even the Journal Sentinel chimed in with a piece that said the John Doe 2 "criminal scheme" may not be Scott Walker's biggest headache going into the fall election - it's the jobs promise.

The Siren concurs.

However, all the rest is the cake and the frosting and the gilding on the lily that has dummied up even the most ardent Walker supporters. Deciding which failure or bit of corruption or latest indictment will hurt Scott Walker the most is like playing a game of "whack a mole."

Scott Walker's headache is almost as big as his ambition about right now and his lame tweets aren't helping. A Doyle 3rd term? Yes, please.