Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WI GOP Minority Outreach Is "Scott Free"

The Racine County GOP came out to the Juneteenth Festival last Saturday to do some "minority outreach."

Usually they have shown up disguised as "Frederick Douglas" types who hand out DVD's about how much Republicans care about black people (that basically ends in 1960) and then get yelled at by festival goers who know exactly why they vote for Democrats.

This year, they came out of the closet as the "GOP Tent" according to Sam Whalen. (Kurt Whalen's son, who posted the event and pictures on his Facebook page.)

They gave away lemonade which brought a few people by their tent and decorated it with science fair quality displays of "modern" African American Republican politicians - all five of them - none from Wisconsin.

While we give them credit for showing up, we can't help but notice something missing from the photos of the tent: Scott Walker.

No volunteers proudly wearing "I Stand with Scott Walker" t-shirts. You know they all have them. No "It's Working" yard signs - not even any buttons. The entire tent at their big minority outreach festival was totally "Scott Free."

How weird is that? How completely telling.

The Democrats at the event, tell the Siren, they proudly adorned Mary Burke t-shirts and John Lehman buttons, happy to introduce the crowd to their candidates.

Not a mention of Scott Walker at the GOP tent.

When the Republican minority outreach strategy includes hiding from their candidates, you can probably guess exactly how effective and honest the effort really is. If you can't even put on a t-shirt that says the name of your candidate for Governor - you're at the wrong festival and you're scared as hell someone is going to want to talk about him - to you - surrounded by other minority people.

We give Van Wanggaard credit (yes, write down this date) for wearing a t-shirt with his own name on it. (But perhaps that's how his family send him out of the house each day - so someone can make sure he gets home before dark.)

The rest of the county Republicans - including County GOP chair Bill Folk - running away from your candidate at a festival event designed to bring people to your party says an awful lot about your campaign and your party.

It's an empty gesture executed by a bunch of chickens.