Wednesday, July 2, 2014

...About That Wisconsin Medicaid Plan

Readers may recall, in the wind up to the Obamacare launch, Governors were deciding whether or not their state's would participate. Several high profile Republican Governors made the bold choice to team up with the President - the lure of 100% funding and expanded Medicaid coverage in their state was too great to pass up.

Naturally, the dingleberry we have in Madison for Governor said no.

Scott Walker had a better idea.

He would expand Medicaid to more single people by kicking off a whole bunch of married people and for their pain and suffering, Wisconsin taxpayers would foot 40% of the bill themselves - instead of letting the federal government pay the entire 100%.

Scott Walker said his plan would save us money. (But only compared to what we were presently paying, NOT what it would cost had we gone full-on Obamacare. An important distinction he glossed over.)

Then came March and reports started to surface that more people were signing up for Badgercare than he had anticipated. How could that be? Walker had done virtually no promotion of the program - the county office didn't even have a phone people could call. All that talk of Obamacare must have reminded people they actually would like to see the doctor once in a while.

Shit, "Walkercare" was in the hole for $20 million.

He wishes. Because now it's July, and the program shortfall is actually near $100 million. Analysts have estimated that not taking the federal dollars to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin is costing us $1 million a day. A DAY. The cruel joke of the matter is, Scott Walker could take those funds today if he wanted, but he won't, because he's running for President.