Monday, July 28, 2014

Governor M.Y.O.B.

Listen up Wisconsin, you are officially on a need-to-know basis with Scott Walker, starting today.

On Friday, when no one was looking, the Governor's office decided that it will no longer announce where Scott Walker will be staying when he travels out of state.

Citing "security issues" as if Scotty was Tupac, they don't want any stalkers to predict where he might be staying as he travels the country shaking his ass for billionaires - a move sure to make the folks adding up his skyrocketing security detail work a little harder to figure out how much he's spending.

That wasn't all Scott Walker decided the people who pay him don't need to know.

Also announced on Friday, was the tidbit that Walker's public/private personal Frankenstein known as WEDC, will no longer reveal the names of the companies they are working with to give state subsidies and grants.

Since Walker created WEDC, it has been scandalized by outrageous mismanagement, losing track of millions of dollars, giving lots of money to companies that didn't create jobs - but did donate to Scott Walker and most recently, gave $20 million to companies that outsourced jobs to Mexico and Asia.

That inconvenient detail totally fucked up Walker's campaign plan to paint Mary Burke as the outsourcing queen. Having been forced to return to their weaker smear about a property deal in Pleasant Prairie more than a decade ago, that actually resulted in Uline and their upcoming expansion - no one really cares.

So, Walker has decided that WEDC is going to no longer publicly discuss the companies they are working with. He can't say it's because the whole thing has been such a colossal train wreck - he's blaming his decision on the public:
“Harmful information could include, for example, that a business is considering relocating to or from Wisconsin, expanding or downsizing, moving its headquarters, shifting its focus to a new industry, developing a new technology, or experiencing a hardship,” the statement said. “If businesses hesitate or simply refuse to deal with WEDC because they fear disclosure of this information, the people of this state suffer the consequences.”
In other words, we can't have anyone know who they are because they may have outsourced jobs, contributed to my personal campaign or failed to live up to their previous agreements - and that would be bad for me, Scott Walker.

Mind your own damn business. If you want to know how things are going, you'll just have to trust us.

We know Republicans follow an authoritarian model of behavior, but we think this is a bit too much even for the most ardent authoritarian. It's public-fucking-money.

The Siren has always assumed Scott Walker was a conservative ideologue as well as a competent and ambitious politician. Lately, the really moronic things Walker has said and done makes us wonder if this isn't the beginning of a complete implosion?