Friday, July 11, 2014

Pro-Life Wisconsin Endorses Wanggaard & Vos OPPONENTS!

There used to be a time when Republican candidates could count on the endorsement of anti-choice groups with no sweat. Then the teabillies took over and put up their own candidates to primary the Republicans and staked their claim on real estate to the right on the ideology scale. (Liberals didn't even know there WAS real estate that far right.)

Now, perfectly ordinary right-wingers are getting painted as RINOs and losing endorsements to this new class of know-nothings.

Pro-Life Wisconsin (the even more conservative version of Right to Life Wisconsin) came out with their list of endorsed candidates this week and Van Wanggaard and Robin Vos found themselves shut-out of contention when their rightier-right-wing opponents got the endorsement nod from the group.

Both Jonathan Steitz and Vos' opponent, Bryn Biemeck, proudly announced the endorsements from Pro-Life Wisconsin - a group which allows no possible abortion exceptions for rape and incest, and who's entire list of organization officers is made up entirely of men.

That's gotta hurt for Wanggaard and Vos.

Steitz's supporters have spent the week comparing Wanggaard to Dale Schultz (an insult tantamount to being called "Hitler" in these circles) after Media Trackers came out with a hit piece on Wanggaard's supposed "lies" about his concealed carry record. The same day, Wisconsin Carry, Inc. came out and endorsed Steitz.

These guys think the only pure candidate is a guy or gal who believes people should be able to carry guns everywhere with no permit and no fees - like it's a birth-right.

Interestingly, this is a position the public does not share (like the rape and incest exception) and is widely opposed by law enforcement, who kinda know a little about the subject.

Van Wanggaard's personal history as a police officer (public worker), labor representative (union thug) and elected official (crony insider) has come around to bite him hard in the ass - making a few political observers predict a potential defeat for Van in the primary.

The Siren has to admit, it's looking rough for him with a month to go.

Van has never run a real primary race before - he's always been the chosen guy. Both he and Vos got themselves nice district maps that insured a Republican win. But as John Nichols remarked just yesterday - so did Eric Cantor.