Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scott Walker Goes After The Pill Because Jesus Hates Vajayjays

In a perfect world, no woman would have to explain their vagina's (and what they do with them) aren't an appropriate subject for political discussion.

Seriously, even conservative vaginas are tired of being a "thing" but Republican politicians just won't leave them alone.

Yesterday we learned that Scott Walker, emboldened by his really shitty poll numbers with women in Wisconsin decided to interpret the Hobby Lobby supreme court case as an excuse to allow Wisconsin businesses to stop paying for birth control in their insurance plans if they should happen to feel some religious objection to it - that has absolutely nothing to do with money.

Yes, Scott Walker decided he will no longer enforce the Wisconsin law that says employers offering insurance must cover birth control. Scott Walker now decides which laws he will enforce (but only the ones that involve women's vagina's, otherwise he has absolutely no opinion about those laws).

Like his Common Core reversal, Walker is trying to appeal to the zealots in his party who are starting to turn their attention to lesser races this November - because Mark Burke is beginning to look like a freight train of inevitability. No one likes to be seen rallying for a loser, better to plan rallies for Paul Ryan and Van Wanggaard.

The Marquette Law School poll, which came out yesterday, only underscores Walker's huge problem with women. The Siren has no idea what the Walker campaign is thinking - maybe they don't need women to win? If so, they are wrong.

When the first Wisconsin company decides to take up Scott Walker's offer, people are gonna get pissed-off and sue someone, maybe even Scott Walker.

Birth control is expensive. Birth control keeps abortion rates down. Men like birth control. Women use it for a variety of reasons that having nothing to do with being sluts. What a stupid line in the sand the Walker campaign has drawn - please, don't stop.