Friday, August 22, 2014

Emo Paul Ryan & Other Fairy Tales

Everybody loves a great personal reinvention story. It's our second favorite after poor guy becomes billionaire (or wins the lottery) kind of story.

Paul Ryan, cast as the granny starving, "health care is a privilege" Republican guy, has reinvented his public persona as a guy who can feel your pain.

The man who has never held a private sector job, except a summer stint at fast food restaurant in high school, wants us to know that he knows what it is to be down and out, because he talked to a half-dozen poor people.

Hooray! You say. Sister Simone and the Council of U.S. Bishops finally turned Paul Ryan's heart. The Catholic boy won the internal personal war against the Ayn Rand acolyte!

Yeah, no.

This reinvention is just as fake as that soup kitchen, pot scrubbing photo op. Just as phony as his marathon race time.

With a new book to sell, Paul Ryan wants us to know he's human. Not just human, Paul Ryan is misunderstood, too. See, it's not his ideas that are callous, it's the presentation of his ideas - like everybody misunderstood what he meant by "takers" and "inner-city" men.

Emo Paul Ryan, cool haircut, same guy.