Wednesday, September 17, 2014

GAB Says Hurricane Victims Got To Vote, So Wisconsin Can Survive Scott Walker

It's not a very reassuring sign the November election won't be a complete chaotic mess, when Director, Kevin Kennedy, reminds the public that victims of Hurricane Sandy still got to vote.

That's where we are in Wisconsin: comparing a completely routine mid-term election with a natural disaster - now known as "Hurricane Scotty."

Twelve thousand absentee ballots have already been mailed that will now need a photocopy of a photo ID as if the elderly people who can't get to the polls can totally handle getting their asses to Kinkos.

The good news is the Republican party has been mailing out absentee ballots requests like crazy - and those people have to figure out what to do now. Some will get frustrated and disgusted, blaming the guy they were planning to vote for, and skip the entire deal.

The ACLU has filed a petition and the whole thing is a mess. Clerks have to call people and mail back ballots and there is no telling if a court will put a stop to it all.

But, hey! Hurricane victims voted, which is a completely accurate comparison to how Scott Walker has run our state.