Monday, September 15, 2014

Is The Sweetheart Of The GOP Getting Away With Voter Fraud?

Boy, Republican Racine County Sheriff, Christopher Schmaling sure is taking his time investigating the voter fraud complaint against GOP sweetheart and fake recall candidate for Van Wanggaard, Tamra Varebrook.

In the meantime, Varebrook got herself a new job: as a Racine County dispatch operator.

Congrats! All the Sheriff's investigators have to do is walk down the hall to ask her a few pertinent questions. How hard could that be? It's in the same goddamn building!

We can't think of one single reason Sheriff Schmaling and the Republican Racine District Attorney, Rich Chiapete could be slow walking their investigation - we can think of dozen reasons.

Let's start with they are Republicans - who like and associate with a bunch of other Republicans who all know Varebrook. Her best friends include right-wing radio hostess, Vicki McKenna (they take fishing trips together) and Americans for Prosperity spokesmodel, Nancy Milholland.

Varebrook has been the go-to girl for the GOP for quite a while.

Tamra appeared in an AFP pro-Scott Walker ad in November of 2011, volunteered and voiced her breathy concern for the integrity of the recall petitions for the Van Wanggaard campaign and then availed herself as a fake Democratic candidate against challenger, John Lehman, so Van wouldn't lose so badly running all by himself without Scott Walker.

Since then, she got VIP tickets for the Paul Ryan/Joe Biden debate in Kentucky, was a delegate from Racine County to the Wisconsin Republican Convention this last year and hung around trying to get Jonathan Steitz elected in the primary against Van earlier in the summer.

She's a busy, busy Republican bee, freed from the social shackles of SSI income - only to find herself working for the Sheriff's department. Her boyfriend is a GOP rabble-rouser and Milwaukee cop, Michael Murphy - so you see there is absolutely no reason at all the Racine Sheriff and DA would drag the investigation out until...maybe after November 4th?

Unfortunately, there are a few people who know Varebrook who aren't being so very quiet about her past voting behavior - but apparently they aren't being asked.

What a system.