Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two Guys Under Investigation Poke Fun At Harvard Graduate

If you grew up in a small town or a close knit neighborhood, you may remember the guys who never left. They were big cheeses in their day, but had nothing in common with those that left the nest and traveled, went on to a higher education or tried sushi.

That's how Scott Walker and Chris Christie sounded yesterday on their tour of Hudson, Wisconsin - on the same day, First Lady, Michelle Obama came to Milwaukee to campaign for Mary Burke.

Poking fun at her economic plan - even though Walker's was an "impressive" two pages with pictures - and bringing up her Harvard education in a way only a college dropout can.

It's an interesting strategy: "Vote for Scott Walker, he's the loser that makes you feel superior."

The best part of of the days activities, was the really awkward photos of Christie and Walker embracing. Apparently the Republican Governors Association has a new secret handshake befitting their juvenile rhetoric:

These are perhaps the only two guys implicated in large-scale corruption, who could possibly think they can get away with mocking a woman for being educated.

It might fly with the koolaid drinkers, but for fair minded, independent Wisconsinites, it just looks like a Republican circle-jerk.

Emphasis on jerk.