Tuesday, October 28, 2014

7 Days: Lies, Damned Lies And Scott Walker's Lies

Scott Walker got Lt. Spokesmodel, Rebecca Kleefisch to deal some grade A bullshit in his newest ad claiming he supports workplace equality for Wisconsin women...even though he repealed the state provision on a quiet Saturday afternoon with no one looking.

Kleefisch, looking like she popped out of a Kotex commercial tells viewers Mary Burke wants women to sue, while Scott Walker wants women to succeed. Nice.

Walker only repealed a state law that made it easier and cheaper to sue for unequal treatment instead being forced to take it to a federal court which is MUCH, MUCH harder and MUCH, MUCH more expensive.  

So there you have it - Scott Walker repealed a law (no one actually asked him to, except maybe business donors who were afraid of getting sued) and wants to take credit for being "women friendly" and he sent his marriage equality is like marrying your coffee-table idiot sidekick.

We can't wait to see how Burke responds to this total gimme.