Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Americans For Prosperity Send Out Pro-Walker Flier On Non-Existent Mining Jobs Paid For By Club For Growth Donation From Mining Company

A longer post title than normal. The alternative was "Gah! Fuckers!" but we could seriously use that one almost any day.

So, Americans for Prosperity sent out a "where would we be without Scott Walker" mailing this week.

We expect nothing less fawning and gross, but the subject matter was odd: mining jobs.

Didn't we just read TODAY that Gogebic was delaying it's application because iron ore prices are in the shitter?

As it turned out, we did.

Quoting the flier: "Under the administration of Governor Scott Walker, Northern Wisconsin's mining economy is moving forward and more people are getting good, high-paying jobs!"

Yeah, except they aren't, unless "forward" now literally means "delay." What a hilariously stupid piece of shit that is. It should be illegal, but it seems you can actually say anything in campaign literature these days.

What is extra awesome is the mailing was produced by Americans for Prosperity, the little Koch brothers franchise that gets its money from the Club for Growth - the group Scott Walker raises money for (which is not to be confused with his campaign) - because donors can be secret and there are no cash limits. Club for Growth got a $700,000 donation from Gogebic mining company a few days after Scott Walker signed the controversial mining bill.

And THIS is why Scott Walker's political campaign is the subject of a John Doe investigation.

If there was any real justice in the world, one day these guys would all share the same jail cell. Gah! Fuckers!