Monday, October 6, 2014

Scott Walker: Political Philanderer

Once upon a time, Scott Walker ran against Gwen Moore and got his ass handed to him. So he moved west where the geography was a little more homogenized - sporting an open assembly seat.

Walker's climb up the political ladder had begun.

Every elected position Scott Walker has held was a stepping stone to next. The man knows how to parlay. From the open assembly seat, to a special election for Milwaukee County Executive, he miscalculated in 2008 against Jim Doyle - dropping out after 14 months of campaigning. When Doyle left, he took his shot and won.

The man has been paid by the people of Wisconsin to run for his next job for his entire career.

So why is there any question at all that he wouldn't use the NEXT two years as Governor to run for the President of the United States?

Of course he will! Setting himself up for the next gig is all this guy has ever done.

Walker is the Donald Draper of Wisconsin politics - playing everybody along the way. Shit, people have gone to jail for him.

(Once they found out he was really Dick Whitman, the cops were cuffing them.)

However, it seems that Wisconsinites are not so thrilled anymore with footing the bill for Scott Walker's political philandering. The Marquette poll showed a big majority of people don't think Walker should run for President.

That's problem for a guy who just will not focus on the job he's supposed to be doing. Not to mention, that even the most ardent Walker fan thinks Rebecca Kleefisch could be Governor - not even remotely.

Scott Walker thinks he can see the White House from his front porch - Democrats would be wise to mention that at least once a day.