Friday, October 3, 2014

With 30 Days Left, THIS Is What Matters

Marquette came out with a new poll this week, showing the race for Governor at a dead heat - with Walker edging Burke among likely voters. Everyone knows, the Marquette poll leans a bit right, but Democrats shouldn't play it off. In fact they should do the opposite - take it as fact.

Why? because if anything the Marquette poll did show, was that nearly all of the people who are going to vote have already decided who they are supporting and NOTHING you can tell them about their candidate will change their mind.

This election will be won (or lost) on the ground. Even the GOP Field Organizer, Thomas Dallman, in Racine knows it.

(Apparently, what he doesn't know is to not have a campaign meltdown on a public Facebook page.)

All the perfectly clever and totally smart shit we bloggers write about Scott Walker is absolutely true - but we're preaching to the choir.

Did he fail on his jobs promise? YES. Is he taking us into another deficit? YES. Did he mismanage WEDC? Hell YES!

But it doesn't matter.

What matters is getting people to vote. Knocking doors, making calls and driving people to the polls. Every motherfucking vote is going to count in this election and all Democrats need to do is what they do best - mobilize voters.

Read Dallman's own words if you doubt how our opponents see us.

You don't need anyone to tell you how much Scott Walker sucks. If sucking made a difference we wouldn't have had eight years of George Bush.

Go to your Democratic office, or just get in your car and drive to a neighborhood and start knocking doors yourself. Tell people to vote, tell them where and what they need.

If you are sitting at a keyboard, in your socks and pajama pants, judging how well or poorly Democrats are faring in this game of thrones - YOU are part of the problem. Get out and get tough - don't come back until you've knocked 100 doors.