Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Your Panicked Governor: Scott Walker Is Now Pro-Choice

Scott Walker has a woman problem. The problem is, they don't like him very much - not nearly as much a white men "of a certain age."

While the Burke campaign has wisely focused on jobs and the economy, touting her business background and not her chromosomes, there can be no doubt the momentum to elect the first woman Governor in Wisconsin is appealing to a LOT of women.

The Walker campaign has released two "women themed" ads this week trying to lure the girls back to kinder, gentler Scott Walker.

First is one with Racine county resident, Teri Jendusa-Nicolai, whose ex-husband famously left her for dead in a storage locker after savagely beating her in January of 2004. In the 30 second ad, Jendusa-Nicolai says "I trust him."

That's fine, Jendusa-Nicolai has used her experience to advocate for tougher domestic violence laws.

The laws she has advocated, however, got their start under Jim Doyle. She even stood with Doyle to announce custody legislation way back in 2004. Is there any question a Democratic Governor would not have supported similar laws? Not really.

What Jendusa-Nicolai doesn't mention is how some of the things Scott Walker actually does believe puts the health and lives of women at risk.

  • Like no exceptions for abortion for victims of rape and incest - even for young girls.
  • Like defunding health clinics like Planned Parenthood - 5 have closed who provided affordable and necessary screenings for thousands of Wisconsin women.
  • Like mandating that any woman who requires an abortion to have an ultrasound test -which in many cases would be a transvaginal ultrasound - against her wishes by a doctor who will go to jail if he/she doesn't perform it. Oh, and she has to pay for it too.
  • Like the Castle Doctrine, which a whole bunch of domestic violence activists Teri Jendusa-Nicolai probably know think will provide an iron-clad "get-out-of-jail-free" card for people who shoot their spouses and say they "thought" it was an intruder. 
  • Like kicking thousands of women of Badgercare which not only provides medical care, but also counseling for women who happen to be victims of domestic abuse.

Then, there's the new "Decision" ad the Walker campaign put out as well. Scott Walker actually wants Wisconsin women to believe he believes abortion is a choice. It's a stunning half-minute of pure political evilness, if there ever was one.

The Siren isn't going to link to it - because - fuck you. But in the ad he claims reasonable people can disagree about abortion, his priority is the safety of ALL Wisconsin citizens. Including, BTW, the unborn fetus that resulted when Uncle Joe raped your twelve year old daughter - because that is what Scott Walker believes.

It's bad enough Scott Walker is pandering to moderate women, what's worse is he doesn't even have the courage to get behind what he really believes. Get on the fucking TV and say 'NO EXCEPTIONS!" and see how that works out for you, buddy.

Scott Walker's views are so out of step and so extreme he can't even say them in a 30 second ad and HE KNOWS it. Amazing, isn't it?